Learning Objectives

Learning Outcomes

All Council for Unions and Student Programs sponsored programs include established learning outcomes. For the 2018 Student Legislative Academy the following learning outcomes have been established for both the student participants and the Washington State Community and Technical College System.


Learning Objectives

  • By utilizing small groups and panelist experiences students will learn how the student experience can impact statewide legislative work.
  • While working in regions, students will develop action plans to implement the WACTCSA Legislative Action Agenda.

Academy Objectives

  • WACTCSA elections will be conducted and confirmed
  • Students will receive WACTCSA’s annual Legislative Action Agenda
  • WACTCSA regions will meet and determine regional and local action plans to support the Legislative Action Agenda.


  1. Develop a cadre of students prepared to speak to legislators and the community effectively about the needs of the students
  2. Build a community of civic-minded students who are knowledgeable about the legislative process and protocol