There are several laws, policies, and rules which impact how student life activities are implemented on college campuses. The links below will help a student life professional understand the complex legal structures for which they are responsible.

RCW 28B.15.067

  • Pertaining to Services and Activities Fees: Tuition fees, Established.

RCW 28B.15.044

  • Pertaining to Services and activities fees: Legislative declaration on expenditure.

RCW 28B.15.045

  • Pertaining to Services and activities fees: Guidelines governing establishment and funding of programs supported by, scope, mandatory provisions, dispute resolution.

RCW 28B.15.051

  • Pertaining to Technology Fees: While not technically related the community and technical colleges, the language of the RCW is helpful. Technology fees defined.

RCW 28B.15.622

  • Pertaining to Services and Activities Fees: Waiver of fees, persons eligible to participate in the department of defense tuition assistance program.

RCW 28B.10.825

  • Pertaining to Services and Activities Fees: Institutional student loan fund for needy students.

Chapter 42.30 RCW


42.30.010 Legislative declaration.
42.30.030Meetings declared open and public.
42.30.040Conditions to attendance not to be required.
42.30.060Ordinances, rules, resolutions, regulations, etc., adopted at public meetings—Notice—Secret voting prohibited.
42.30.070Times and places for meetings—Emergencies—Exception.
42.30.075Schedule of regular meetings—Publication in state register—Notice of change—”Regular” meetings defined.
42.30.077Agendas of regular meetings—Online availability.
42.30.080Special meetings.
42.30.110Executive sessions.
42.30.120Violations—Personal liability—Civil penalty—Attorneys’ fees and costs.
42.30.130Violations—Mandamus or injunction.
42.30.140Chapter controlling—Application.
42.30.200Governing body of recognized student association at college or university—Chapter applicability to.
42.30.210Assistance by attorney general.
42.30.900Short title.
42.30.910Construction—1971 ex.s. c 250.

Open Public Meetings Act Training

Chapter 28B.112 RCW Campus Sexual Violence Sections

28B.112.005 Findings.
28B.112.010Disciplinary processes.
28B.112.020Availability of institutions’ policies, procedures, and resources.
28B.112.030Campus-affiliated advocates—Confidentiality of records.

Updated: 8/9/2021