Legislative Academy


On behalf of the Council of Unions and Student Programs, we look forward to hosting you at the 2018 Legislative Academy. The Legislative Academy is an opportunity for Washington State student leaders, in the Community and Technical College system to come together and learn about legislative issues in Washington. This academy focuses on Legislative messaging and communicating with legislators in conjunction with other CTC constituents. Academy attendees will:

  • Build legislative and lobbying communication
  • Understand the advocacy process
  • Contextualize student involvement in the legislative process
  • Prepare for the upcoming legislative session

Students have been gathering at the Legislative Academy for over 14 years. They’ve spent countless hours learning, networking, and changing the CTC higher education experience for Washington State students.

You are encouraged to listen, learn, and interact with the whole experience. When you have questions, seek guidance from any advisor. When you have ideas talk with your peers about planning and implementation. When you get excited about legislative action, get connected with the system.

Again, Welcome and thank you for participating. We are excited to see what you can do!

Sincerely –

Sheila Walton  | Legislative Committee Chair, Director of Student Programs – Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Cal Erwin-Svoboda  | Legislative Committee co-chair, Director of Student Life – Clover Park Technical College