CTC Advocacy Day

CTC Advocacy Day is an opportunity for Washington State CTC student government organizations to come to Olympia and meet with legislators. Civic Engagement is about connecting, making your voice known, and leaving an impression that your issues matter.

CTC Advocacy Day has been evolving since 2008 when the first event was held in Olympia. Since then, thousands of students have attended this organized event and met with legislators. Each year student organizations have around one hundred individual meetings with representatives on issues important to them, and ones attached to the annual WACTCSA Legislative Agenda.

Sponsored by the Council for Unions and Student Programs this event is representative of CTC student’s dedicated, civic engagement.

We encourage you to engage in this process, even if you cannot meet with us in Olympia. Visit our event pages to learn more about how you can contribute your voice to civic engagement in general, and CTC Advocacy Day specifically.

For more information about 2020 CTC Advocacy Day, please visit the event website.